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My website has a variety of resources that you may find useful. There are many skill building activities, as well as tools that are available. Use the menu above to navigate throughout the site. The items are all categorized by subject area. The menu requires you to have java enabled in your browser.

Please use the suggestions form to give your thoughts about the site. Don't be afraid to provide suggestions of things that you would like to see added to this site.

Have fun!

Mr. McGough

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Online Activities

Monthly Contests Must See
Math Study Guides  Updated
Learn the 50 States 
(You could win 25 tickets )
Learn the Regions 
Learn the Capitals 
(You could win 25 tickets )
Learn the Presidents 
(You could win 50 tickets )
Estimation  It's Here!!
Fractions and Decimals
Are you a McGoughonaire? 
Estimating Angles 
Flash Card Maker  
Bar Graph Generator 
Coordinate Grids 
Sentence Types Quiz 
Character Cards 
Noun Practice 
Antarctica Hunt

Victoria's Site 

Heather's Site 

Ally's Site

Anna's Site

Merry's Site

Zack's Site

Sean's Site


Election 2008 

Your The Candidate 

Make a Campaign Poster

All About Circuits

Circuit Basics

Electric Circuits 1

Electric Circuits 2

Electric Circuits 3

Circuit Guide 

Basic Circuits

Basic Circuits 2 

Basic Circuits 3

Basic Circuits 4 

Home Experiment
(Adult Supervision Reccommended)

The Light Bulb

Electrical Jargon

Circuit Mapper

Electricity Hunt

Driver Dave 

Got a Movie Idea?

Movie Reviews

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